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Thank you

I'm 59 yrs old and probably knew more about Ron Paul when you were in diapers. What you clearly don't get is Dr. Paul won't have the staying power to contest Romney or even hold him from acclimation in the first round. I was proposing a strategy for consideration. And please don't talk for "we" as you clearly don't represent the Paul supporters I know, one being my best, trusted friend for over 40 yrs.

Your "knowledge" of Governor Palin is pablum fed to fools by the same clowns that loathe Dr Paul. I am a man of principle, and I seek out politicians of the same. I suggest you read up on Palin and not be so arrogantly dismissive. You come off as shallow and uniformed. Further note, her son is in his second term of duty in Afghanistan. Romney's five sons didn't serve a day, nor did their father. And please, before another condescending lecture, I well know of Dr Paul's service in the Air Force. Who would be a better commander in chief? Take a look at her visit to troops in Kuwait during her service as Governor. I am well aware of Dr Paul's support among our military. You may need to brush up on Palin's.

Dr Paul referred to Palin as "a very wise woman," but I'm sure you knew that, right? Palin will be around a lot longer than Dr Paul who is in the twilight of his career.

I'm getting old and won't be around much longer. I've seen election cycle after election cycle with the county I love spiraling down the drain. If you are willing to accept Romney or Obama as your president while being smug and dismissive about an alternative in the same mold as Ron Paul, then you are a fool and deserve no better future than you are going to get.