Comment: Percentage of Paul Support

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Percentage of Paul Support

The people in the convention hall during Dr. Paul's speech were all on fire for him because it was a break-out session. Other sessions and caucuses were going on at the time, and people were split up all over the place.

During the actual convention business, the convention hall was about twice as full (most of the time), so judging by that one might estimate somewhere around 50% were Ron Paul delegates. 5,880 was the official number of delegates on Friday. Also, that number went down to a little over 3,000 by Saturday, when the business of electing delegates to the national convention took place.

It is possible this worked in Ron Paul's favor, because past experiences tell me that the ones who went home were not Ron Paul supporters, thus giving the RP delegation a stronger voting percentage. - Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas and national news & opinion that matters for liberty.