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covered that in first post

There is no need for a court decision. Precedent was set in 2008. Have a look at my first post in this string. I cover that. The delegates need only act on their free agency, let the GOP be forced into court contesting the precedent they themselves established and now in 2012 against their very own delegates. They will be exposed as the party of plutocrats and a laughingstock. The Democrats, of course, being no better and even far worse.

As such, a breakaway delegation will be like water on the wicked witch, if they can throw the water, maybe the GOPe machinery will melt and we will have a free for all. I hope so. The coalition between Paul delegates and disaffected conservatives led by Palin could very well accomplish this. First step, keep Romney from winning the first round, all else is meaningless. Palin has leased a large meeting space which holds thousands in the mall next door. I know of the Ron Paul Festival. An open convention is possible.