Comment: Call me gullible, but Jack

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Call me gullible, but Jack

Call me gullible, but Jack gives a helluva'n argument here! If we want to come out of the fringes and actually matter in the future, we need to play the game, if just a little!

The more I think about it, the better it was. He went on Douche Bag Hannity's show and, really, have you ever seen a more tepid endorsement in your life? But it can now be said, for future generations of Republicans' benefits, that Rand actually endorsed Romney.

With all respect to Alex Jones, he personifies fringe with all the Bilderburg talk, shadow govt., secret concentration camps, etc. Some of it may be true, but no one outside of his group believes it or wants to believe it. I hate to admit it, but I had Glenn Beck on while in the shower last week, who I freely admit is a duplicitous turd and Lincoln fetishist, but you should've heard the crap he was spewing about Alex Jones! Something about Alex believing the Bilderburgs were eating roasted babies with gold glazing over them. He's such an idiot, but a lot of people listen to him and believe what he says! Alex, whether by his own hand or not, has been so marginalized that an endorsement from him of a candidate could easily be used against that candidate with the general public.

If the liberty movement's ever going to truly change the country, it's going to have to play along a little while quietly doing what it's doing right now: Changing the county and state-wide party hierarchies so that the next liberty candidate that comes through will be able to do so without encountering the almost insurmountable resistance Dr. Paul has encountered.