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Great post

Romney is a usurper. He stole the primary by buying it. He spent over 60 million on his two month failed bid in 2008 and hasn't stopped running, including undercutting McCain/Palin. God knows how much he's spent this year with 10, 20, 30 to 1 and eeking out slim "victories". He is a big government liberal that claims the mantle of the party which represents libertarian/conservatives? Obviously we have a problem on our hands. The delegates must stand up to this fraud, say Hell No!, or what good are they. Rules are made to be broken if in the pursuit of liberty. Let the GOP apparatchiks look like fools for the world to see contesting the will of a vast swath of their delegates. Further, any delegate that supports the fraud should be villified, shamed, and humiliated on the level of a traitor. Coming together in 2012 around the wrong ideas, as Dr Paul states, will be the end of us.