Comment: stop acting like the victims

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stop acting like the victims

Seriously people. The longer I want this little tantrum the more it seems like there's some merit to people saying Paul supporters walk around with tin foil on their heads. I know you're frustrated and you think that Rand is a sellout, but come on. Every common sense comment I've seen here is down voted like its the plague. Anyone that doesn't agree with you is called a troll and people are checking join dates like it has any relevance to anything.

Grow up, stop acting like the victim and start acting like the hero.

Did you really think that if Paul doesn't win this, it's on to 2016 with Rand? The only way that happens is if Obama wins. If Romney wins, there isn't a primary, he's defacto 2016 nominee. Obviously he supports his dad, sadly its probably not going to happen like we'd like it to. I'm not happy about that, but pay attention when people are talking about changing the party. If he wasn't trying to effect change, he'd being running in a different party.

His son is changing the party from within. What are you doing besides mouthing off in a comment thread and down voting everyone that doesn't agree with you.

The people like me, those new to the party within the last year or so are turned off by your cry baby antics. Step your games up or you're going to take the movement off the cliff and there'll be no one around here to witness it happening.