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The problem with Jack Hunter was

that if Rand all along knew he was going to endorse Romney or whoever, and if Jack Hunter knew inside that he was going to support Rand's decision no matter what, then, Jack should have been open & honest with us from the get-go. These people owe us respect.

THAT is the criticism I have. But all this deception is uncalled for. We deserve more respect than this. If it weren't for our donations, Ron Paul's campaign would have died on the vine long ago. And, Jack Hunter should have been open with us long ago about his potential views. I wouldn't be so hopping angry about him, if he'd done that. I might not have agreed with him, but we all could have "debated" this topic with the leaders of this movement.

Instead, it all has backfired on Rand & Jack. Why? Because they disregarded our thoughts and feelings. We can live without Rand quite easily, but their behavior implicates our Dr. Paul, and I DON'T LIKE THAT.