Comment: After further review, Jack and Rand were right

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After further review, Jack and Rand were right

I, like many here, was extremely disappointed to hear Rand's "endorsement" of Romney. Although, if you listen, what he said was, "Now that the nominating process is over (which even Ron has admitted), I will be supporting Mitt Romney." Do you really think Rand didn't clear this statement with Ron?

I was also skeptical of Rand when he was campaigning. I remember talking to a friend during the campaign and he said that he liked Ron Paul but Rand seemed kind of like a weenie. I kind of agreed that he "seemed like a weenie" on the campaign trail.

I also had a physical gut-wrenching reaction when I first saw him at a press conference co-sponsoring a bill with Lidsey Graham, the most vile chicken-hawk, pasty dough boy in Congress.

But if you look at Rand's actual record in the Senate, and watch or listen to the numerous statements and interviews he has given, he has been unwavering in his support for liberty and very effective at swaying people towards his positions. I also had the opportunity to shake his hand and listen to him speak with supporters and he's very smart, measured, open to ideas, and principled.

Even the bill with Graham was a good bill (a rare instance when Graham was right about something). As Ron Paul has often stated, you should never compromise your principles but you should absolutely form coalitions with people across the spectrum on issues where you agree.

Ron Paul refused to compromise his principles and refused to play the political game. That integrity made him a hero to millions, including me, and launched a revolution. However, it did not make him very affective in swaying congress or passing legislation. Rand Paul has stayed true to those very principles but has made a determination that he can be more affective by softening his rhetoric, playing the game, and not alienating the Republican masses and popular Republican talking heads (i.e. Hannity).

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