Comment: SarahPalin ismy alltime hero!!I'm soglad tohear thatsomeone else

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SarahPalin ismy alltime hero!!I'm soglad tohear thatsomeone else

sees just how totally awesome she is. Plus she's like so hot to boot! I thought I really worshiped the State of Israel, well I don't hold a candle to the blow job that Bitch would give those foreigners! I really felt like I was clueless about economics and the US constitution but after seeing how many people listen to and admire what that dumb, fake, opportunistic bitch says, well it gave me great hope that I one day could be a great career politician too with my limited intellect, cause mine isn't near as limited as her's! Plus politics is show business for ugly people, so she is really taking one for the team by not going on a reality show full time!! I'm kind of handsome too, so maybe I'll too take one for the team out of my love for country, humanity, and small kittens!! Man, if only God would intervene and make her President then everything could get fixed in Washington, 'cause I know short of God intervening that the Palin supporters have done everything in their power to get organized, educate themselves on the issues, and really put their money where their mouth was so we can have real long lasting good change in this country! I only with God understood what we Palin supporters do, that way he'd see our great and valid point and put Sarah Palin into office for the sake of the country! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!