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I'm 48 years old.

When I was in diapers you were picking your zits and hoping the girl in math class would look at you.

Come on man, STRAW MAN, Personality ATTACKS, WEAKNESS, lack of logic, irrational.

What you do not understand is this is a REVOLUTION. Does Sarah Palin endorse a REVOLUTION??? Do you???

Sarah Palin as COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the U.S. Armed Forces? HaHaHa !

Marilynn Monroe visited the Troops, Dr. Paul SERVED !!!

To suggest Sarah Palin could function as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed forces is NUTSO BINGO, there, that's a personal attack.

As to age, I am going to live until I'm 100, or more, and I'll be fighting this revolution every single minute of that time, until I'm dead and gone.

Sure, Dr. Paul respects Sarah, and sees her intelligence, but Dr. Paul rarely says anything bad about anybody, unless they are truly insane, fake, war mongering liars or flip-floppers.

Sarah Palin is a LATE COMER to the side of Ron Paul, the ONLY reason she has said ANYTHING about Ron Paul is that she covets the wake left behind in his coat tails.

Sarah is a opportunist politician, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, let's you and I and Sarah RUCK UP and move out to the front lines, I'll dig, you cover Sarah and I'll take fire. HUP!

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