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Why attack others?

Mike, you just attacked me and did it deliberately or in passing did not realize the attack. I am no idiot and calling Jones one, who is accurate 90 plus percent of the time, makes you seem like a sheep. I believe nothing until I investigate it on my own. The mere fact that you admit to having Beck on is frightening enough. The liberty movement has been growing in small spurts since the 70's and the movement has been under attack continuously since then in many forms. Family Farming being one of the most under reported victims, which was one of the fights Jones took up to defend early in his career. I have no idea what the Paul's are up too. No one does for sure. But to admit to listening to Beck and calling a leading voice in liberty movement an idiot, because you take his dark twist on international news stories as fact, is why society has such a massive disconnect from reality in the first place. Investigate stories on your own as Jones states to everyone. Agree or disagree with Jones, yet almost everyone in the liberty movement can agree, the answer to 1984 is 1776!