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Jack Hunter's "plan" is sheer idiocy

There is no time left for these games.
The country's going down. before 2016.
Plus, as this is hard to take, we're better off with a compromised Obama (who could be impeached, or could have all his signing statements and all kinds of things he's done wiped out by the final revelation of who he really is. An illigitimate usurper. A compromised Obama will keep the liberty movement united against him. Oromney would just put many back to sleep. Long enough for TPB to completely finish off the country. I'm talking martial law with NDAA
after a dollar crash or something else as disastrous. That scenario is more likely under OROMNEY right now
Rand is supporting a
candidate who is:
a puppet of the banksters
pro NDAA
a warmonger that wants to attack Syria and Iran
Pro Federal Reserve (regardless of what Rand said)
wrote Obamacare
...and on and on
You all know the list.
ORomney...sure. Go with another globalist stooge.
Rand has already been making things up about Romney.
Saying he's been on board about the fed.
When did that happen?
That's not anything I've ever heard Oromney talk about.
In fact ..I've heard the exact opposite from Romney
That he thinks Bernanke is doing a good job and doesn't think congress should be "pulling strings" with the fed.
What does the constitution say about who's responsibility the creation of the currency is? ... solely of congress.
Do you really think there would be
anything left of the constitution or the country by 2016?
Hunter, your plan sounds like it was written by a group that just met in Chantilly, VA.
Oromney is their new pick. The pick of the
globalist bankers. He's their pick for some of the points above.
BTW, join the law suit against the GOP for election fraud and all the other tactics they've used