Comment: Don't Be Led By Pictures

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Don't Be Led By Pictures

A wise father listens. Let's his child climb the tree even though he may fall.

Don't let this picture take you to Ron and Rand conspiring. Ron, after all these years of saying "no" in order to say "yes" for us and future generations.

Ron is listening. Did he even once tell our yung'uns to stop fighting for liberty in their sometimes radical ... but always creative ways?

He is still listening to all of us. Suggestion: *search* Happy Father's Day Dr. Paul and see what we have written over the years. Maybe their is a post from the past from you. It's a bit like reading your own diary from years past as a check and balance.

I did this and saw that what I wrote five years ago is still true for me. So I started a Happy Father's Day post for this Sunday. It died...but you can revive it. Please do.