Comment: Does the Ballot-Box exist as a Free-Market Tool?

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Does the Ballot-Box exist as a Free-Market Tool?

It does not exist in the basket of free-market goods (even when we use the latter term incorrectly .

Can we gain a free-market from voting and lobbying -- when voting and lobbying (the ballot box kind) result in the direct circumvention of consumer-will.

If we agree with Mises that a free-market is a consumer-sovereignty and that a consumer "controls" via the daily-dollar-vote -AND- (according to Mises) the only way to maintain a free-market is via daily-dollar-voting; wouldn't then the obvious conclusion be that to ENTER a free-market we'd need to use free-market tools?

Companies grow wealth (in a free-market): 1) Consumers-who-Purchase and 2) Consumers-who-Invest

That's it.

We buy stuff and we invest in entrepreneurial activity (invest time-money-assets-talent)