Comment: Thank You Sailing Away

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Thank You Sailing Away

...and for those jumping ship (or who were never on our ship) please be respectful of those of us who will never jump ship.

I suppose *liberty* means different things to different people and many of us do not see Gary as having anything to do with Dr. Paul's platform or principles. Had the Libertarian Party gotten behind Dr. Paul, perhaps it would be different.

If I were to vote for someone the system would not allow to win (and they would never allow Gary to win, plus he does not have the support)..I would vote for principle and feel good about having done so.

To me, all of the posts promoting Gary are assuming the unthinkable is possible, ie. as Dr. Paul said, "why would you unite for all the wrong reasons." If we are, indeed "political capital"...the majority of us are not for sale. Period.