Comment: This is how it is for me:

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This is how it is for me:

I derive security, an emotional thing, from observing patterns and having some sort of expectation about what comes next.

When Rand said he was in favor of keeping Gitmo open, I saw that he's not like his father, so I could not assume he would follow his father's pattern.

Then Rand said he wanted to a declaration of war against Afghanistan. At that point, I came out vocally against him here, only to be told that it was part of the long-term strategy for peace.

Since then, he has voted for sanctions against Iran, which I deem unconscionable.

Now he's endorsed Romney before his father even quit the race.

The pattern, as I see it, is to only expect more and more neocon/power-mongering behavior from Rand. It would be unreasonable...wishful expect him to suddenly morph into the Ron Paul double I was really hoping for.