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Comment: Rand's endorsement perfunctory, proper

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Rand's endorsement perfunctory, proper

Good work, Jack, you did a good job of explaining this.

At a more basic level, I would note that when we are involved in a competitive event -- no matter how fierce -- and we lose to a foe, we generally shake his or her hand and concede with good grace. Then, next time, we are back at it trying to defeat them with all our might and with renewed vigor. There is nothing weak or hypocritical about this. Frankly, it is just good manners.

We are building a place for libertarianism in the GOP and no one has done more to propel us ahead than Ron and Rand. They worked to defeat Romney with all their energy. They are not going to stamp their feet and cry now that we came up short on delegates, but instead get ready for the next match and we should be right there with them.