Comment: Rand doesn't expect us to support Romney

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Rand doesn't expect us to support Romney

Rand did what he was expected to do in his position and it is simply a gesture, much like when the athiest bows his head respectfully when everyone is praying. He doesn't expect us to throw our support to Romney or even care if we do.

This reminds me of a few years ago in Florida when Florida C4L chief Mark Cross ran for FL GOP state chair against a lying RINO who was trying to get RLCers and Ron Paul supporters tossed out of the state's RECs -- a real bad dude who was later indicted for embezzlement. Mark was the one to step forward,spent time and money and fought a hard campaign, but then he lost. He graciously conceded and made a conciliatory "endorsement" with some niceties about working together, blah blah blah. No one worked harder to get the old chair ousted than Mark but afterwards there are infighter types who only remember that Mark "sold out." Of course, Mark was just being polite and is still on the case fighting for liberty in Florida while the RINO is in jail.

Two relevant sayings my dad would say to me as a kid:

'Keep your eye on the prize'

'Don't sweat the small stuff'

Something tells me Rand's dad told him stuff like that too. Of course, my dad is voting for Romney so maybe I am a sellout for sending him a Father's Day card!