Comment: The contest is not for Chief

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The contest is not for Chief

The contest is not for Chief Austrian Economist of the US.

Bob Wenzel obsessed that Gary Johnson hasn't read specific libertarian economists. And that is a valid objection to a point. But he should have asked him, not what he READ, but what he BELIEVES. How he ran his state. What his philosophy was, how it worked out. How he would apply that to the Federal level.

Clearly Gary didn't know he was being setup. I think the interview demonstrated far more about "hard core libertarians" than it did about Gary.

That being said, Ron Paul didn't create a 1000 person business (though his campaigns have become a business), and has never run a town let alone a state.

That doesn't make Ron Paul unqualified, but you asked the question. That's what gives him better credentials, as well as being a better libertarian, rather than a social conservative nationalist like Mr Paul that leans libertarian on some issues.

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