Comment: Motivation!

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Man after watching this it's like getting a shot filled with LIBERTY and MOTIVATION! What an amazing speech, hands down one of his best. The man is tireless and so are we. Freedom is so popular and we are it's carriers.

The more I talk to people the more I realize that most people are just ignorant to their reality. They don't actually agree with Obama or Romney but don't know how to channel what they feel. I pointed five different people to this speech yesterday and have heard back from ALL of them asking more and more questions. Once they have been bitten by the liberty bug you can see the change in their perception, like someone finally cleaned the glass they have been looking through for years and years. It is an AMAZING feeling I have to tell you.

Long live the movement and hears to those carrying the torch for all to see!

Man what an awesome thing to be apart of nuff said!