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What are you? The thought

What are you? The thought police??? "You admit to having Beck on!"

OMFG!! I listen to him sometimes in the shower! My brain must be totally corrupt! Maybe you should come here and chop off my fingertips to I can't type anymore and share my opinions!

I re-read my comment. It says, "He's such an idiot." I MEANT BECK!!! I also referred to BECK as a duplicitous turd and Lincoln fetishist! I probably should've started with Beck's name specifically even though the previous sentence was stating something about Beck and this was a continuation of that. Re-read my comment for yourself. I've not altered it.

The thing about Beck is, he sometimes has some good info, like the stuff about Van Jones, but he compromises it with so much garbage that he loses all credibility. When he starts crying about our spiritual war or about Lincoln being our greatest President, I just want to throw up! (Oops! I started the sentence with the word "He" again! Maybe I'm secretly talking about Alex Jones again!) But more often than not, I turn the radio on while I'm in the shower to make noise.

No, I never called Alex Jones an idiot. All I said about Alex Jones is that he has been marginalized so greatly, by his own hand to some extent, that I think his actual endorsement would carry with it a net negative effect with the country as a whole.

I will say that I sometimes, when I can stomach it, even listen to what Democrats are saying. It's always better to know what your enemy is thinking, or at least what they're wanting their lackeys to believe. That way, you can counter it.