Comment: Flawed logic.

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Flawed logic.

Just because the LP has been unsuccessful in other instances, does not necessarily mean it will be unsuccessful again. In something as random as politics, the previous results do not predict the future, any more than previous coin flips predict the next flip.

I do agree that the R3voltion is much different than the LP, and much more likely to be able to stand on its own, and be competitive as an independent third party. Taking over the shell of the LP is just that, a convenient efficient mechanism to proceed.

Co-opting the GOP requires compromise, after compromise, until the r3voltiom is but a whisper of its original self, and will be unrecognizable. Go back and look at the Videos from 2007 if you don't believe me, its already happening.

Treg, I've seen you speak the truth here many times, but not this time. Winning by too many compromises is not winning at all and what profits a man to gain the world and loose his soul.