Comment: You can all down vote this if you want

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You can all down vote this if you want

But you all need to clear the cob webs from you head.

Ron Paul DID NOT lose this election. It was stolen from him by the corrupt elites that control both the Democrats, and the Republicans.

The same corrupt elites that have chosen Romney to be the GOP nominee, that Rand Paul has chosen to jump into bed with. He is deluded into thinking he can make a deal with these people and still maintain his principals.

Rand chose to endorse Romney while his father is officially running for president. That was done for only one reason, that reason was to fracture and subvert this movement. I was done to try sway some of his fathers followers to vote for the sleazebag Romney.

Romney cannot win the presidency without a large % of the Ron Paul supporters votes.

Anyone that thinks Rand did this for any other reason than what was stated above needs to wake up.

I am going to make a prediction. My prediction is that this grassroots movement will be hit with another huge bomb before this is over.

Are we prepared to move this message of liberty forward even if Ron cannot win the nomination.

Are we going to compromise our principals? It is the one thing that unites us, it is the glue that holds us together.

All this fighting about the sabotage from Ron Paul's campaign, and Rand's back stab is really very healthy. It is a catharsis, and a metamorphosis and a natural part of the evolution of this movement.

We will lose many along the way. We have to come out of this without the need for a leader. That is what a true organic grassroots movement is.