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sometimes bad is bad

Micheal asks, “Does it make sense to go on with a site called the Daily Paul?” and people respond with ideas for new site names. He didn't ask for new site names. I think there is a grand misunderstanding at play.

We have a financial system that hits the event horizon this year, it actually went terminal during the last days of Bush, and we're going to work toward 2016 election cycle? Constitutional rights are effectively gone, right now, and we're going to work on the 2016 election cycle? We're going to fix the Republican party, to counter the evil Democratic party, and set things right? That's the plan? That was not the point of this web site, the Daily Paul, as I remember it. If it was, then I'm sure it will continue.

Sometimes you just have to stand back observe the insanity of it all. A sprawling omnipotent empire replaces a constitutional republic and what is the plan to fix that? We're going to vote. We got voting fraud and we're going to fix that how? By voting! The friendly skies are deadly now and we're going to stop that how? By sending faxes and emails? Signing petitions? Posting comments... It's not just delusional, it's also a misallocation of resources.

I've compared Paul's presidential run, with its resultant manifestation of liberty and constitutional awareness, to a potential lightning rod. A lightning rod for the intense high voltage energy created by a powerful gathering who's time had come. One fear was that as long as the energy was directed through the system, literally working within the system, then that (relatively slow moving) energy could be 'safely' shunted to ground. The analogy may be dead wrong, it could be something far worse.