Comment: Isn't this premature?

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Isn't this premature?

The Convention hasn't even happened and your discussing what the Daily Paul should become? Really?

Whether you like it or not, you have played and are playing an integral part in these historical course of events. The DP is where most Paul & Liberty supporters come for information. The media come here and so do the Pauls and SO DO THE DELEGATES. You have a responsibility, perhaps one you weren't prepared for, to keep this site running for Ron Paul, the delegates and the Liberty movement. We all have a role to play, and Michael, this is yours.

With that said, you own this site and left it to chaos - just as you predicted. Why? For spirited discourse? Look what's happened! No moderating taking place and the intel pro trolls have almost destroyed your creation. Please, clean up this site! Get rid of the trolls and redundant trolling posts! This movement needs this site and needs you to stick with it.