Comment: That is a lot of emotion and little fact.

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That is a lot of emotion and little fact.

I posted that Ron needed to lead us. In my opinion, been following this campaign every single day since the Rudy/Ron moment, Ron just needed to understand how to lead.

I believe, he believes that it is only the message that matters. George Washington was a leader. Thomas Jefferson was a leader. Ron Paul is a messenger.

I understand how pissed off you are. I was too. Calm down a little. Take a day off...

Im still with Ron. Im still pissed Rand didnt use the moment to support Romney and SPEAK TO JUDGE NAPOLITANO NEXT TO CHILL OUT THE GRASSROOTS THAT GOT HIS ASS ELECTED.

What this campaign LACKS is Public Relations people that know what the hell they are doing. Hire me. Ill charge ya $100,000 and get the job done correctly.

Dont take off just yet.. You have invested alot of time and money.. as we all have.

Ron Paul and Rand should be interviewed TOGETHER. That would chill everyone out. Docs.. You guys are playing politics and you know it. Figure out how to explain it to us!!!

Dont mean to drain your post. I just understand where you are at.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul