Comment: Rule 38 is only applicable if

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Rule 38 is only applicable if

Rule 38 is only applicable if the state tries to impose a unit rule on all of its delegates. The vast majority of states do not impose a unit rule on their delegates (only a few states do, I think these states amount to something like 500 delegates). See here:

Honestly, it's a bit ridiculous that people keep accusing those of us that want to get to the bottom of things, in a truthful manner, of being "fake people." One to two months ago, we were being ridiculed for saying that Ron Paul had quite a bit of catching up to do if to keep Mitt Romney from getting the nomination, and we were scorned. It's not like we don't want Ron Paul to be President, we do! But, we want people to be realistic, that way people are not caught by surprise and upset when Ron Paul sends out an email like he did (stating he did not have enough delegates to win). Nobody is trying to downplay the great accomplishments we have made so far, but we are trying to be truthful, even though the truth hurts at this point in time.

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