Comment: One important thing missed on this list..

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One important thing missed on this list..

and that is Donald Rumsfeld going on national television on September 10th and telling the American People that the pentagon had somehow "lost" over 2 TRILLION dollars, and that it was a matter of life and death for some. Of course he laughed after saying it too. I believe that is why building 7 was "pulled". It just happened to house the offices that would have held evidence of wrongdoings from what I understand. And if it was "pulled", how and why were there already explosives in it that enabled such a thing to happen? Are all buildings in NY just pre loaded with explosives just in case or what?

video to Rumsfeld admission...

On another note...IT absolutely kills me that some 89 percent of Americans don't trust their government and/or think very badly about CONgress...yet they still swallow and regurgitate any damn thing they tell them. All the while chanting USA! USA! USA! It is terrible that the study of history doesn't mean more to Americans. We are the very worst of repeaters when it comes to ignorant things throughout history.