Comment: I don't think anyone could be

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I don't think anyone could be

I don't think anyone could be worse than Obama. He has directly lent out hundreds of millions of dollars to flawed and now failed alternative energy companies. Obama ran on peace, won the Nobel Peace Prize, then funded the war in Libya, and has continued and expanded all of Bush's drone and convert war policies. He openly calls for higher taxes on the job creators, saying they should "pay their fair share". He openly calls for more government spending under the guise of "investment". And need I even remind you of what was of the worst cons ever pulled on the American public, the Health Care fiasco. Sure, Romney crafted a separate plan in Massachusetts, but he would never try such a thing as President.

Now I am NOT throwing my lot behind Mitt Romney, but I agree with Peter Schiff: Unfortunately, one of these guys will win. Among all the previous and current candidates, the best option was by far and away Ron Paul, the worst case scenario is Obama, and the second worst case scenario is Romney. I for one am strongly considering Lew Rockwell's advice, to not vote, and if I do, a write in for Ron Paul it will be. No one is entitled to my vote just because they are the lesser of two evils.