Comment: The System

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The System

The system is so unbelievably biased against 3rd parties that NO 3rd Party, not the LP or anyone, can win. So this desire, or belief that it is possible, is a fools errand. The LP cannot succeed in getting candidates elected. It has tried for decades, and failed.

The LP is not the same as the Liberty Movement. The movement can be successful by reinventing one of the two major parties, as has been done several times in the past century. In contrast NO THIRD PARTY has ever been successful in over 150 years.

The LP does has some value however. As long as it remains a source of enlightenment, a source of principle and knowledge, and focuses on education, it can do an enormous amount of good. As long as it doesnt try to win elections.

Once it tries to win elections the LP will be worthless, cause it cannot win.

For all practical purposes however, I think those who desire to change the system, should join one of the two major parties, and promote Libertarian Movement beliefs from within those parties. In other words there should be LP wings of both parties.

Then, and only then, will the Libertarian Movement be successful