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Comment: What am I going to say?

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What am I going to say?

Sorry to say, it would be unwise for me to translate any speeches into Persian and/or French until I hear from Ron Paul.

As is, I am not looking forward to the day when I will have to explain to my older brother, the campaign has folded and the leader remains silent despite numerous pleas from members of the liberty movement.

Since last September, I have been telling my older brother about a very unique American politician who advocates peace and liberty.
When I told him about the liberty movement's objectives, my brother shook his head and said, "You would need a revolution for that."
I smiled and shouted, "Yes, that's why it's called the Ron Paul revolution!"

My brother asked me, 'Why haven't I heard about this man you're talking about?"
I answered, "Because corporate media is ignoring him. That's why we, the regular people have to support him by spreading the message."
My brother responded, "He's fooling you, and the media is fooling you. That's exactly what they want you to do."

Less than two weeks ago, I pleaded with a very jaded friend of mine. I asked him to listen to Ron Paul being interviewed by alternative media outlets. I told him, it will blow his mind, because this man is concerned about the same issues we are. He is one of us.

Believe me, I am NOT looking forward to the day, when my brother, my father and my friend ask me. "So what has become of this man Ron Paul?"

What am I going to say? I am not the type of person that glosses over uncomfortable truths. Tell me, will I have to eat crow soon?

I do hope the liberty movement carries on with the timely message of peace, freedom and prosperity for all.

Best wishes from the north side of the 49th parallel.