Comment: Your entire argument is on a faulty foundation:

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Your entire argument is on a faulty foundation:

"Gary Johnson will get .05% of the vote, that is it. It’s a failure by any measure."

That is not true. Gary is already polling above 10%. If Ron Paul is nominated, by all means, I will vote for him. If not, Gary's a fantastic choice. He WILL be the LP candidate with the most votes in history, and he will most likely have enough support to get into the debates.

Nothing Gary is doing is counter to liberty. There's nothing wrong with him running. I suspect very highly that if Paul wins the nomination Gary will drop out. He constantly says he agrees with Paul. I don't see why there is such an anti-Gary movement. They are not competing in the same election!!

It's just a strategy for advancing liberty as you say! It is not failed, that is absurd! Do you know how many people learned the truth through the Libertarian Party?? Ron Paul most likely wouldn't be in politics without it. You are shallow and political garbage from what I can see, you can't stand having anyone but "your guy" be a decent choice.