Comment: Some times you learn more failures than successes

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Some times you learn more failures than successes

Edison, I understand, used hundreds, maybe thousands of combinations of filaments and configurations to invent the incandescent light bulb. Once the basic design was developed it changed very little over a 100 years. If the Republicans are successful, little will change, they will use the same design,(read tactics) that have been successful. If they lose they will analyze, study, redesign their tactics, message and strategy to avoid another failure. That's where we come in, it will be clear that the rejection of the liberty voters and Ron Pauls message alienated 20%-30% of potential Republican votes. If they actually want to win, they won't repeat that mistake again! They will be more open to our ideas with a failure than a success, that gives the liberty movement time to rebuild the GOP in Dr Pauls image and bring in more liberty candidates for 2014 and 2016.

I won't vote for Obama, but I can't in good conscientious vote for Romney and reinforce the GOPs learning experience by rewarding bad behavior.