Comment: Who needs RFID chips?

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Who needs RFID chips?

First, H.R.3200 never REQUIRED anyone to get anything implanted. Read it yourself and IN CONTEXT. ( Section 2521 was simply to create a national registry for ALL medical devices. The intent of the registry was to collect statistics on how safe and effective the devices are. Implantable RFID chips would have been covered under the law, but that's simply because they are one of thousands of devices that are classified as Type III or Type II implantable. The law no more mandated you get a chip implanted than it mandated you get a hip replacement.

Second, and MUCH more important, H.R.3200 ("America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009") was never passed. "Obamacare" is actually H.R.3590 ("Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act") and while it does contain many questionable things, mandatory RFID chips are NOT one of them.

Unfortunately when an explanation is a little difficult to understand, people tend to go for the simpler "it's a conspiracy" theory. Rather than talk about this being a "law" that "everyone" will be "forced" to get "implanted," why not consider that any red-blooded American would never consent to a law like this, nor would it pass in Congress. (just like this one didn't)

Yes, it's scary that H.R.3200 was even written to include this language, but there are MANY other MUCH more scary things to waste your time getting worked up about. How about this one for all you paranoid conspiracy zealots:

Who says they need a microchip to track you? The US Department of Defense has been doing research on radio frequency (RF) measurements for human detection, tracking, and identification since at least 2007. (