Comment: TelFiRE- you did not read the 5 essays, naughty naughty

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TelFiRE- you did not read the 5 essays, naughty naughty

Oh but you have an opinion that disagrees with mine that you did not read. You know when I write to liberals, that is I make my arguments that --getting rid of the minimum wage will raise employment --- these liberal-progressives types often do just what you did, fail to read my written argument. But they "respond" because they want me to know that I am "shallow" and "political garbage" and "uncaring" and few more choice words. It seems you have company. Now is it good company, I am not so sure.

Yes, GJ will get .05% of the vote. But it matters little if I'm half right and he gets .10% of the vote. My argument is not based upon that.

And to answer your question young man, "Do you know how many people learned the truth through the Libertarian Party?" --- Well yes I do, having voted for Ed Clark in 1980 at the age of 18 and continuing to vote and work for the LP until 2004. That is a LONG time, would you not agree?

And the answer to how many people learned "the truth" through the LP is NOT MUCH AT ALL. Very VERY LITTLE came to libertarian beliefs through any thing that the LP did. Most libertarians report that they were "born that way" or "came to it on their own" or "read a book by Ayn Rand" or in my own case "by watching FREE TO CHOOSE on pbs a 10 part video series". The LP's presidential races and activities did not get any credit, still does not. Those who have never before, but are NOW -- for their 1st time are thinking of voting GJ and the LP, are doing it because of the work we've done in the r3VOLution promoting Doctor Paul's speeches, books, and campaign.

So, I am here today to explain and remind everyone why the r3VOLution is working and why the LP is a failed strategy to ADVANCE the cause of Liberty. Sure, go ahead and make the "feel good about my self" vote, vote GJ on election day. I will either do that, or if its close between Obama and Romney, I may hold my nose and vote Obama just cause he's out in 4 years.

But that is .....NOT .... WHERE.... THE.... BATTLEFIELD ....FOR ....LIBERTY.....IS. Any time wasted promoting GJ or the LP is well, time and money wasted. The battlefield is here:

Now, I know you would not call me "shallow political garbage" if you were not a deep wise reader yourself. So please take the time to really sit down and read those 5 essays. It will give you a bigger understanding of why the r3VOLution works...and you just might not think that I am some "shallow political garbage".


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