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Murder is murder

Murder is murder, and our point is, when you take a human life you commit murder and should be punished. Today we not only don't punish, we act as if nothing was done that was evil, we pretend everything is fine! It's just a choice. But all things are a choice, a murderer chooses to stab someone OR abort a child in their own womb. Both are murder. Now I can see that someone could be blinded or have their vision skewed by the endless propaganda that is spewed over this issue and commit that murder in ignorance, thinking that the child is just a "mass of tissue" (which we all are in some sense) and that it's not a human (despite having its own DNA code), but that's just a matter of education, or reeducation. But when someone knows it's a human and has an abortion, it's time to press charges.

Sorry about the snarkiness to one and all, this is a problem I recognize in myself and know I need to overcome.