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It seems to me that almost unquestionably Dr. Paul knows nothing about what has been going on in the campaign the last couple of weeks: how his premature concession email has affected people (he may not even know that such a thing was sent over his signature); the weird "big announcement" UStream of Wead; the premature concession emails by Wead and Benton; the Alex Jones, Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh appeals; the way the grassroots have reacted to Rand's Romney endorsement; that the volunteer corps is horribly demoralized and in danger of melting away. It he were aware, he could not have given the speech he gave in Texas that is posted on this site. And even aside from that, I think almost anyone in his situation who knew what was going on would respond in some way: either defending Olson & Co., or neutralizing them. In my estimation, no one at all in his shoes would leave the situation as it is, and let the whole struggle fade in sadness and disillusion.