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Comment: Sounds good to me

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Sounds good to me

I believe that the only real harm done by Rand Paul's endorsement will be to his own political career, unless he has a reasonable explanation. I was very disappointed with him, but, I can't vote for him.

The movement is solidly in place in all the state delegations and will be able to influence policy and candidate selection at home and will be recognized as a force to be reckoned with by the party hierarchy.

I hope that he negotiated for his endorsement and didn't fall under the bus without gaining something beneficial to the libertarian wing of the party or his own place in the party. Yes, finally, the libertarian wing. Now that we are a recognized part of the party, and it is recognized that we have some clout, it is going to be very difficult for the Establishment to deal with us after the convention.

If we are difficult to deal with during the convention it will have to be spontaneous as the good Dr. may still feel some obligation to the party that has smeared his name and cheated him out of his rightful place in its hierarchy, hence, the "keep it peaceful request." Why he is so tolerant is beyond me. I guess that Dr. Paul doesn't have a mean bone in his body. That's too bad as we need someone who is willing to crack a few eggs at the table and negotiate for our support or push for Ron Paul's nomination over Romney's.

One question I have is what effect a Ron Paul run as an independent would have on the Paul supporters within the Republican Party.

Ron B.