Comment: Jesse Benton, Jack Hunter, etc.

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Jesse Benton, Jack Hunter, etc.

This might get a more negative response, which is fine, but I'd add one more request:

Please try to respect the fact that Ron Paul hired these guys and continues to work with them. You might not agree with everything they're doing or saying. You may even be pissed at Ron for running a poor campaign if that's how you see it. It may anger you that these people are getting paid competitive salaries (I assume) to make decisions that you think you could handle in a smarter way.

I can understand all that, although I don't agree with all of it. But please consider withholding the hatred toward these people who have been friends to Ron Paul and members of his team. At very least, don't waste your breath accusing them of secret betrayals or worse. Save that sort of energy for people who are actively opposing liberty.

Criticism is healthy; smear campaigns aren't. In my humble opinion, a lot of the stuff I've heard is much closer to the smear campaign side than the constructive criticism side. Maybe a healthy medium would be a respectful push for accountability.