Comment: Most of us delegates at the RPT Convention...

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Most of us delegates at the RPT Convention...

...were in our Senatorial District Caucuses electing SREC members when this speech was given due to scheduling. I'm glad I get to watch it here since we were busy sending liberty lovers to the state committee! Got 2 great ones out of my SD! And when we met in Congressional Districts, my CD sent solid supporters of the Liberty Movement to Tampa as delegates and alternates.

The delegate numbers are muddy at this point, but great successes and solid accomplishments were achieved in Texas last weekend. Not only in progressing the Ron Paul message but infusing it into the Texas party structure. Bridges have been built and eyes have been opened. The RPT is quickly becoming a party run from the grassroots up with a new awareness of the issues that we, as Paul supporters, find most bothersome.

There was minimal "fighting". There was no floor fight. People were fair and understanding, and in the interest of fairness, all sides were allowed their places and everyone was heard in an open forum. State party chair, Steve Munisteri, ran an all-inclusive convention and if we are to progress this movement through the vehicle of the Republican Party, many inroads have been made in Texas!

Congratulations Texas Delegates! We did great things!

Tarrant County (Fort Worth) TX Precinct 4261