Comment: Oh I Know they are gary trolls

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Oh I Know they are gary trolls

Anytime I state why I am STILL voting for Ron Paul they actually come back (on this site) stating that I am a romney supporter...

It worries me actually because it just makes me realize how idiotic that thought process really is and how DILUSIONAL these garyboys really are.

How would me writing in ron paul ( its my vote folks NOT YOURS!!!! ) make me a romney supporter?

that legalizeliberty is the biggest gary troll on this board posted so much laughable content with his 3 other buddies on here HOPING to get their LP some much needed cash.

Not exactly the way to try and hijack the revolution if you ask me. You can't call me a romney supporter and hope I vote for gary, these LP boys are just NUTS!

We don't need 3 parties anyways
We don't even need 2 parties for that matter


Follow the constitution


gary fail
LP FAIL big time
gary trolls - keep it coming because you are doing so much wonderful stuff for your "party". Hell there must be at least 5 of you by now right lol.

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