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That is right, infiltrate the GOP and DNC

What do we "win" by doing going inside the 2 party duopoly?

1) Their Database of their voters.

2) Access to their official Debate Stage.

Now why is this important? How does this give us a win? And what does winning look like?

1) With their database of voters we make our 'LIBERTY VOTERS list". To come up with this list, our Ron Paul Patriot PC's go door to door TALKING to each republican voter. The RP Patriot LISTENS to each republican voter. He/she then places that voter into 1 of 5 categories.
a) Liberty Leaning Voter,
b) Personality Voter,
c) Single or Double or Triple issue Voter,
d) NeoCon Statist Voter,
e) Big Govt Religious Voter.

So now take a look at all the 6 Jeff's my "LIBERTY VOTER's LIST" from all my PC work. Ask yourself, who am I calling days before the election to get them to go vote?

1) Jeff Johnson, Rep, B & E & D
2) Jeff Keller, Ind, D
3) Jeff Kunsner, Rep, A likes Paul, needs to know he can win
4) Jeff Kunz, Rep, A & B, likes Rand Paul the best
5) Jeff Manton, Rep, C anti abortion, pro gun, anti-tax
6) Jeff Tweet, Rep, A

I can tell you this; days before and the day of the election I did NOT call 1 and 2. Those Jeff's are Unfriendly Liberty Voters.

So what has just happened here? We have been able to use Their GOP database of voters, identify them, and target the liberty leaning voters, the single issue voters and identify the ANTI-LIBERTY voters. And we are able to do this all INSIDE THE GOP using their own database. How awesome is that? We can market to those "on the bubble" for Liberty. Its great. That is powerful, and its all in YOUR hands.

2) Access to Their statewide or nationwide Debate Stage. This is what GJ hopes to get on. By being a GOP or DNC, you get on it automatically. No fighting to get on the ballot, no fighting to get media attention. You get to be on the stage, you will get your chance to shine and you will get your chance to get your message out. How awesome is that? Its great. And it confers "legitimacy" when the MSM covers the debate.

3) Because of number 1 & 2 above, you can RAISE FUNDS! Super Awesome! Now that is "getting it done for liberty!" That is where the REAL battle is. That is where we all need to be focused.

We have 70 openly admitted socialist in Congress and 3 major NeoCons in the Senate. If we took out just ONE of the high profile neocons, that would speak LOUDLY for the freedom movement. Lets target and go after Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham. Why not?

We have proven this works folks.


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