Comment: Great Job Texas... and Oklahoma... and Arkansas.

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Great Job Texas... and Oklahoma... and Arkansas.

Thanks for posting the video. It was great to see the Doc on the floor of the Ft. Worth Convention Center... for at least part of the speech (we made sure to conduct business first)! Texas' motto is the Friendly State, so our GOP convention was no different! Loved seeing and meeting so many people, especially so many of the Liberty-minded! We won the first stand in the Temporary Rules for no restrictions on audio and video recording. This set the tone of transparency for the whole convention! It's hard to get 'back to reality' after so much connection and kinship. Cheers to us all!

and hey: pls share and consider chipping in to this gentleman:

and then pls also consider my sob story about convention ;-) [ which were really sobs of happiness! ...but now it's mad scramble time... ]