Comment: This is how we change Congress.

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This is how we change Congress.

It's done by electing similarly minded people to us to the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and state as well as local legislatures. Karen Kwiatkowski is one person who, if performs as advertised, will vote against all unconstitutional legislation if elected. She needs to be elected, as well as others who are willing to follow a similar path. Former Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas comes to mind, for Texas District 36. He's proud to be targeted for defeat by Sarah Brady and her moronic gun grabbing group. Another candidate is Eric Knowles, who is running against liberal Democrat John Sarbanes (a former senator's son) in Maryland District 3. The point is, there are quite a few of these candidates who are running and need our support; mainly because of the fact that the more of them that we elect, the more ability that we will have in determining policy no matter who is president. We will have to acquire majorities in both houses to make any real change. We have enough candidates to do it, the issue becomes getting them elected. This will be critical in keeping Romney in the hot seat should he be elected. While I don't like the prospect of it, if Romney gets elected, we can always reinforce the fact that he is a liar and a fraud if he doesn't govern anywhere near what he stated to get Rand Paul's endorsement. With Obama, we'll have to keep treating him like the enemy of freedom that we all know he is if he gets four more years. That's why it is critical to get as many liberty minded, pro-constitution, anti-Fed, anti-NDAA candidates elected to Congress as we can. Our future depends on this.