Comment: How in the blue hell

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How in the blue hell

have I been "trying to destroy the liberty movement" when every post I've made in the past week has been desparately trying to save the Liberty Movement by urging us to stay unified with our proven Liberty Candidates.

I've never once said "We should vote for Romney." I'm NOT going to vote for Romney UNLESS Ron Paul is he Vice President (not even Rand).

All I have been saying is that even with the crappy endorsement, Rand Paul and Jack Hunter and Ron Paul are still awesome champions of Liberty; and so are Mike Lee and Justin Amash, and we should support them as such and continue to fight to gain control of the GOP.

This kind of backwad logic that urging people to stay with the Liberty Movement is "destroying the Liberty Movement" is nonsensical and I can't believe people on this site are buying it and promoting it.