Comment: Questions?

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1. You supported auditing Goldman Sachs or aleast stopping the subsidies to them before you became Senator. What are your views today about this?
2. Romney and Mitch Daniels and other Congressmen were at the 2012 Bilderberg meeting in Virginia a month ago. How do you feel about their appearance there violated the Logan Act?
3. Do you believe in eliminating Foreign Aid?
4. Do you believe in the U.S.'s continual policing of the world and the starting of unprovoked wars?
5. What difference is their between a Libertarian and GOP Conservative?
6. Why Why couldn't you of waited to make your annnouncement of endorcing Romney until after the winner in Tampa was announced? All of the delegates are unbound and therefore they can vote their conscience.
7. Do you feel their was fraud involved during this primary election season?
8. If Romney has cut a deal with you, do you feel that your position in his administration will influence him in any way?
9. Finally, do you feel that your support for Romney has tainted your name and your fathers?