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You're projecting

You don't know what party or parties I am or have ever been affiliated with. You don't know if I'm a delegate. As I said, you don't know jack about me. Although if you went back through several years of my messages on DP you might learn that I'm a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy. You might learn that I have grown children. You could probably learn a few other things about me, too. Like the fact that my record reflects a devotion to supporting the Liberty movement.

You're right that the campaign has told delegates exactly what to do - not to reveal their identities before the convention - and that's exactly what I've been saying as well.

I'm not trying to stir your pot, I'm trying to point out the potential downside of this. Do as you please. I hope it works out. But I disagree with the rosy picture being painted that nothing can go wrong.

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