Comment: Rand is the sacrificial lamb

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Rand is the sacrificial lamb

This is chess yall not checkers.

There's a racketeering lawsuit that has hard evidence at least five heinous offenses.

There's an army of delegates.

There's an army of festival goers to Tampa in a show of power.

There's a lucid Libertarian waiting in the wings to garner 5-15% of the vote.

It all boils down to this for the GOP - the Wolf is at the door.

Listen up criminals in the GOP syndicate, better toe the line now or suffer the consequences. We don't care if the Chicago political machine runs roughshod over your pathetic coercive party. It's all the same to us.

I think there's a deal going down and I hope it's the long last Fed End. De-fund the 'statist' quo and end the abomination of the welfare warfare pig men.

Sorry Rand you had to take one for the team but dad looks happy so I think good things are coming down the pipe. I wouldn't have done it. Not for any deal. Well maybe to end the fed and defund the machine. I hope that's what you've done. I hope it isn't for your little political career, I would have happily gone back to my day job. I've seen the shit sandwiches and giant douches that politicians turn into.

And guess what GOP, I was a delegate for one guy only. The one that brings substance. I'll never toe your shameful party line. Even though you like me and I'm what you think is a good example of a republican, I stand with the "Libertarians and their Youtubes".

Go easy on Judas. Not everything is cut and dried. We are closest when we seem furthest away. We are strongest when we seem weakest.