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Daily Paul

I agree 100 percent. I am in the same boat as you. I have been pushing Ron Paul to everyone I know, to the point that I start to annoy myself. I've been reading the comments on this site for almost two years, and couldn't hold back after Rand pulled his crap, and joined the site here.

It was posted several times that I had only been a member for a few days. I shouldn't be allowed to post until I prove myself after a 90 day trial period? You Daily Paul elite videotaped your own DP Elite getting their ass beat right at the convention, and did nothing but videotape it! And you want to see if I'm trustworthy?

We were robbed out of just about every state. RP was excluded from speaking at the debates. Rules were changed mid game, and this election was stolen from us. I see articles on different websites putting RP down, that are linked here. No one comments on those sites. They run back here and whine!

RP has been accused of being weak on foreign policy. He says protect our borders. What do we do? We get pushed around like a bunch of little girls, and say Ron wants us to show respect. Stand up to the opposition, instead of putting down people who support RP, because you were here first. Like I said, I've been visiting this site for quite a while, but the more I find out what you guys are really like, I start to wonder if maybe Rand wasn't right to jump ship.