Comment: Doug Wead?

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Doug Wead?

So, it's not a organizaer now it's Doug Wead?

Doug Wead said nothing, there was hearsay posted, but Doug Wead did not tell delegates to go stealth.

It's not the flash in the pans the campaign is concerned about, it's those like me who are not only delegates, but ran for a seat and won that seat and now have a committment for two years.

I'm well aware what dirty tricks MY PARTY is pulling on Ron paul Republicans like myself. I also know how the campaign operates because I'm a team leader in CA, which lost, the 172 Romney delegates will be going to Tampa.. none of us would be stealth. My name is still listed on the CA Sec of State page.

The fearmongering here needs to stop, Maybe Doug Wead doesn't agree, and I'd live to see that. Thank you and God Bless you for giving a damn.